Download a 2020 enrolment application form here.

Our early childhood centre is currently fully booked for 2020 with a waiting list.  Families will need to make direct enquiries with our centre for possible upcoming vacancies by contacting Marg on 03 50329729.

Enrolments for our 2020 Kinder program open from 15 May 2019 to 31 July 2019- after which time placements will be allocated- see below.

2020 Kinder and/or childcare program: Use the same enrolment form for both child care and/or Kindergarten.  Below is a 2020 enrolment application form.  This is an enrolment application form only and not confirmation of a place being available.  

Instructions for child care or Kinder enrolment Download and complete the Enrolment form below (4 printable pages). 

Additional instructions for Kindergarten enrolment Download or read online the Kindergarten Enrolment information pack for 2020 which includes the printable 4 page Kindergarten enrolment form.

In addition to downloading the enrolment forms for child care or kindergarten:  You must also read the accompanying Welcome Letter; Fee Schedule 2019 – 2020 and Fee Policy as you will be asked to sign the last page of the enrolment form to confirm that these items have been read.  A copy of the Young Adventurers Policy Book has also been provided below – please note the updated Enrolment Policy; Priority of Access Policy; Child Care Subsidy Policy & Cancelling Child Care or Kindergarten Policies can be found within the Policy book and should be read prior to enrolment. 

literacyboxClick here to access our Frequently Asked Questions page 

Completed enrolment forms can be returned in person or by email to admin@yamail.com.au or by post – see below

Enrolment Officer
Young Adventurers
PO Box 550
Swan Hill, Victoria 3585.

We love to show families around our centre however we are careful not to interrupt the children and educators who are hard at ‘work’.  Please contact us first if you would like to make a time to tour our centre.