Babies & toddlers

Our large open plan learning spaces are dedicated to children aged from 6 weeks to 3 years and are an ideal environment where babies and toddlers can play and learn with their peers.  Children can choose to play in the comfort of our ‘home like’ living areas or spend time creating their own masterpieces in our art/craft areas.  There are small areas directly outside rooms for children to explore safely in addition to large playgrounds where they can tackle purpose built obstacle courses, dig in the sandpit areas or enjoy the serenity of a spot in the shade complete with cushions and books to share with Educators.  Children have easy access to bathroom facilities and there are opportunities to eat indoors or outdoors in one of our dedicated undercover areas.

​3-4 Year olds

Our 3-4 year old rooms provide an opportunity for children to play in small groups with the support of highly qualified and experienced Educators. Children can relax inside and enjoy the comfort of a good book in our quiet reading areas, build from many of the open ended resources provided or express their own ideas by creating something using the variety of art and craft mediums provided.  Whilst outdoors children can spread their wings and enjoy our natural lawns, open play spaces, dry creek beds and sandpit areas.  There are several undercover areas where children can participate in activities provided to meet their interests with options for eating indoors or outdoors.

4 Year Old State Funded Kindergarten

We provide a 4 year old State Funded Kindergarten Program from our Yana Street centre from 9am to 4.30pm Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the Victorian School terms.

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​For many families the convenience of being able to access a Funded Kindergarten Program for a full day alleviates the burden of having to juggle work and other commitments.  We also provide wrap around care for those kinder children who need to be dropped off or picked up outside of the Kindergarten program hours for a small fee.  There’s no need to arrange someone else to care for your child in the morning or afternoon before or after kinder as our centre is open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

With a maximum of 16 children per Kinder group and a minimum of 2 educators: 1 Degree Qualified Teacher and 1 Assistant educator children can be supported to interact socially in a positive environment, increase language skills and be supported to build on knowledge with experiences provided including literacy, maths, science and technology.

Research indicates that lower Teacher/child ratio’s improves the overall quality of the program provided.

Our Kindergarten playground provides a large lawn area, undercover area, swings, sandpit and bike track.  There are options for eating indoors or outdoors.  We also have a larger 1 acre space at the rear of our centre where children regularly go on an excursion to tend to the vegetable gardens or climb across our footbridge to our own little island and slide.

*Children must only access one Funded Kindergarten program at any one time.  All children are required to enrol in a minimum of 15 hours Kindergarten each week.  Access to additional hours of Kindergarten (if available) is subject to our centre fee paying schedule.

Applications for Kinder enrolments for the following year are usually open between April and June.  This gives us time to plan the days and times that the programs will be available.  Positions are not offered until after the closing date for applications.  Families who need help with completing enrolment forms can contact Marg on 03 50329729.  All children and families regardless of abilities, nationality or culture are welcome.